The Station

Updated Spring 2018 after some critiques by some Raven Software folks that came to the school.
This 10 week assignment was to choose a piece of concept art, and make a 3D game environment based upon that image, using modularity and tillable textures.

The Original Concept Art is by Ken Fairclough

Had the privilege of being mentored by Vincent Joyal over the course of the semester fall semester at Champlain College. Without his knowledge probably wouldn't have been able to create this piece. I'd also like to thank my classmates, for their critiques and suggestions.

The environment was made in Unreal Engine 4, the tools used to create the props and textures were Substance Painter/Designer, 3DS Max 2017, and Marmoset toolbag 3 for baking some of the props.

December 11, 2017